A little about me. 

I'm a passionate, award winning* filmmaker based in Toronto. I stay up late editing more often than not.  I'm a harsh critic of my own work and I strive to make something better with each new project.  

After graduating from film school in 2004 I've been on a crazy journey that I wouldn't trade for the world. By far my greatest thrill is seeing how my clients and audiences react to my work. 


*Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards  - Best Editor

 *LA Shorts Awards - Best Editor


"....Fortunately, the visuals of "Old Man" turn out to be a remarkable work of art doing more than justice to a great song. In an evocative and poetic manner, it tells us the story of the old and the young experiencing different stages of turmoil, through an understated political background. In a captivating movement, we jump from visions of affliction, madness, serenity and exhilaration; it is inexplicably moving. The video was shot in Mount Royal woods with almost no budget, using the genus direction of Toronto-based filmmaker Patrick Hodgson. "

Christelle Saint-Julien, ixdaily.com